The terrible thing about high end is that there is no end! This was probably the reason why I kept on looking for alternatives in terms of loudspeakers. Then a friend of mine recommended the Fidelio by Acapella Audio Arts. As this loudspeaker has undergone continuous development over the last 25 years, the model designation is a bit confusing. Anyhow, I tested the predecessor model Fidelio 2 MKII for a while. But as I did not like the all-acrylic transducer, I contacted Mr. Rudolph, the managing director of Acapella. Surprisingly enough, he invited me to Duisburg to listen to the current model (with wooden veneer instead of acrylic). From that point, passion took its course. I found out that he was planning a "HIGH" version for the Munich Hifi Deluxe that could be experienced there for the first time. The "HIGH" add-on in the type designation refers to the stand. The stand alone weighs 40 kg and houses a moving steel pendulum protruding from the base plate in a spike to support itself on the floor. And now it gets a bit vague, as the company does not want to reveal everything of course: the pendulum only touches the inner sides of the stand via felt. This is supposed to absorb the loudspeaker's deflections via the stand. Any questions?

The rest of the technical details is a bit simpler. You can see at once that we are dealing with a D'Appolito configuration. On the bottom, the loudspeaker features a small opening with a tube continuing almost all the way through to the top of the enclosure. The chassis are not as usually connected to the enclosure at the front but the magnets themselves are directly connected to the enclosure. I do not know much more details by now, but it can safely be assumed that no detail has been left to chance. Anyone who has met the creator of this jewel knows that this man has one great passion: music! And the Fidelio is an implementation for enjoying this passion anytime. You are invited to listen to this master piece of Mr. Alfred Rudolph with me.

EUR 15,100.-
Acrylic black
EUR 15,600.-