USB Audiokabel

Dual Head

With the "normal" audio USB cables, there is only one conductor strand. This strand contains the two data lines D+ and D-, the +5V supply voltage and the ground (0V).
I'm a little annoyed that I didn't think of it first, but in fact the idea of the "dual head" came about as a result of dealing with the issue of "unnecessary ground connections".


The USB signal (Universal Serial Bus) is differential. The data is transmitted via D+ and D-. Thus, no ground connection between transmitter and receiver is necessary in a "domestic environment".


Shielding is superfluous for a balanced signal under normal conditions. However, if you operate an MRI next to the music system, it's a different story.


The cable has two USB-A plugs for the source. One connector transmits the data, the other the voltage or current. The 5V voltage is only needed so that the DAC knows that a transmitter is connected. You can plug both USB-A plugs into two free slots on your streamer. Or you can plug the power supply into a commercially available USB plug-in charger ... and get rid of the ground reference between the two devices. Or even better: use a linear power supply (the ones with a real transformer).

Prices "Dual Head"
up to 1 Meter
+ 0,5 Meters
in Copper
EUR 400.-
+ EUR 50.-
in Silver
EUR 600.-
+ EUR 75.-