Trust your ears...

The human ear is incredible. Together with the brain as a filter, it is a nearly perfect instrument. It is able to perceive sound that bends the eardrum by only 0.1 nanometers. Throughout the history of human development, good hearing has always been a survival strategy. This evolution will always continue as perfection can only be achieved in the future.

All products are manufactured by hand. This includes, among others, woodworking as well as the gold and silversmith's art. SOLIDCOREAUDIO thus sees itself as a manufactory of hi-fi devices.

Primarily, I work with wood. Wood is an extraordinary natural material with excellent long-term stability and most various characteristics. Wood is light, heavy, soft, hard, tough, strong, elastic, and (almost) always euphonic. Many musical instruments are made of wood (or brass or silver) and not of plastic or sheet steel. So nothing could be more obvious than using these materials also for devices that reproduce sound.

A product is only good if it is good enough for you. Have the greatest possible expectations. Compare my products to existing top components of your hi-fi system. As soon as you personally feel that tone and timing match, it is the perfect illusion machine for you. Trust your ears...

DIY internal-wiring-kit

DIY foil-interconnect-kit

Out now Absolute Harmony from KLEI

Ennemoser C37-laquer TH8.18 arrived!

B.Y.O.B. (Build Your Own Byob)

Rike Audio develops with products from SOLIDCOREAUDIO

Boenicke Audio develops with products from SOLIDCOREAUDIO

Joachim Gerhard (Founder of Audio Physic and Sonics) develops with products from SOLIDCOREAUDIO